Hi! We are so excited you stopped by. Our names are Micaela & Melina. We are best friends from Pittsburgh who knew God had a purpose for our friendship the moment we met at work 5 years ago. Little did we know the things He had in store for us. He has taken each of us through quite a lot while we have been friends.
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At the end of last year, God made it very clear that Micaela needed to move to Lancaster PA. She had been in a car accident which resulted in a concussion that led her to need to attend her classes in person at Lancaster Bible College, while Melina was finishing up her college degree in Pittsburgh. In the midst of this, Melina was looking into jobs around the country and praying for what God had for her future. She traveled to Lancaster with Micaela to help her look for apartments, and instead of seeing a single place, God made it evident that this was where Melina needed to be also. So, they made the move in January, started on the journey that God had for them, and after two months,COVID -19 shut "work" down.
This stirred up so much in both of them, in digging deeper in what God wanted for each of them in that quiet time. Micaela continued to pray for guidance for a dream God had placed on her heart to open a coffee shop, and also to have a housing ministry. Melina took quarantine as a time to focus solely on God and Who He is. She was praying for Mica and what He had for her dream, and while doing so He revealed the plan He has for her life. To lead a ministry of a home that would be able to house people that do not have a place to call home. A place for a season that they need time, family, and for them to experience the Love of Christ. This "just happened" to align with what Micaela had in mind for her home, and once they both started praying over this dream, God made it more and more clear that this is what He had for their friendship, and instantly started sending people to stay in their apartment to show how this ministry would work for His glory.From here we are in prayer for a house, and for guidance with the next steps.
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